Monday, May 23, 2011

pretty eyes.

 i am so jealous, her eyes are beautiful )":

 these eye colour is also pretty ; deep blue like the sea :D

dear readers, i haven't been blogging since before sports day. ): sorry muchs D: its been pretty busy. im having exams now so yeah O: i guess i'll blog some other time :D after a LONG while again (8 cheer 2011 is coming (: i am so afraid yet excited :D off to bed now (: ta's :D i wish i had their eyes ): i also ate alot today (8 i ate mee, cheese bun and 100plus in the morning. The kuih thingy and some biscuits with limejuice for break (: the normal meal for lunch plus extra rice and after school.. heheheh (:< starbucks largest size chocolate cream chip plus whipped cream, subway 6 inch, ribena gummy, coke, sugus blackcurrent gummy. (: for dinner, burger king and maggi mee :D ♥ USUI TAKUMI from MAID-SAMA (: mysterious, good looking, sweet :D aaaaahhh :D a guy thatll never exist ): me
and my dreams ; time to jump back into reality (:

this guy is so cute btw (: teehee :D
love his hair :3 *droools*
i'm still human :D

wating for you ):

crowning today HUNGRY DAY (8
2011 MAY 23

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  1. Cute guy!!! >.< haha and i love the eyes too they are really pretty!!