Monday, May 7, 2012



Favourite flowers. 

One day, i will go to a peaceful place like this.

Lastly, i wish to be like my old self. Happy all the time. The person i was before September 2011.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stuff I Feel.

It's my 1 month anniversary today with Izzudin :D Yay :) Thanks Izzudin for getting me so many stuffs :( I feel so bad for accepting so many D:

Anyways, I shall make this blog my new diary. :) 

Been getting nightmares like crazy lately. It all sucks :/ sigh. 

Other than that, i feel really happy today :) it's been a pretty good day. :D 


and i just miss you as a friend. Oh wells, life has good and bad things. :) Bittersweet day <3 



Saturday, December 31, 2011


How i spent my new years eve. :) 

Skyped with Tristan Koh Rui Wen for like almost 4 hours plus :D so i slept at around 6 like a boss :) MUHARHAR :D

Woke up to a call and went back to sleep :( i miss you, call me back D:

 Woke up at 4 and my mom came home :) ♥ heh.

Then ate some Kinder Bueno :)
and drank some coke (8 

Going out for dinner soon ♥ 

Celebrating New Year's at home :( oh wells, life's like that. #foreveralone

In Conclusion,


Friday, December 30, 2011

Brandon Porle Undikai

Every night, i'm on the phone with a dinosaur, Brandon Porle Undikai. :D He is this dude (8

He's the dude with the mouth open sexily. He likes talking to cats :) meow. MUHARHARHAR. 

A post dedicated to the one and only BRANDON PORLE UNDIKAI. PS: He is a ROJAK

PPS: i love him :) 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

im missing it.

Hmm, what i miss? I miss everything i had before september 2011. It sucks moving to a new school, leaving all my memories of srikl behind. I always thought that i'd be in srikl till the end. But no, a bomb was dropped on me and everything changed in a flash :( I miss the feeling where i looked forward to go to school to see my best friends i spend most of my time with. Now, the feeling's gone. All im left with is the feeling of being left out. Like i dont belong. I dont even know who to trust :/ I guess the only thing i can do is move on even though i know it'll be hard shitless. I miss srikl cheer. I watch the performance of Cyrens in Cheer 2011 and god, how i miss the feeling i had. The moments we spent together and shed blood, sweat and tears. All the hard work, all the injuries, all the failures and successes. The moment when we were announced national champions. Our bond was unforgettable. Thinking about it, who knew i could've made it into the team? So cool. Life is just so unexpected, but i guess it's just life. Got to live with it right? :S

Have fun reading the post above if you even bother. :)